Sarah Mei Herman
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I started this series during a four-month artist in residence at The Chinese European Art Center (CEAC) in Xiamen. I was curious about the differences but also at things that are universally recognizable: the things that tie people together and the meaning of friendship and love. I photographed several young people (mostly women) and their intimate relationships, finding my subjects in the streets of Xiamen and at the university campus. With some of them I built up a closer friendship photographing them repeatedly over time. Since my work period in 2014, I have revisited Xiamen several times. Each visit I met up with some of the same young women again, capturing their changes over time. With some of them I built up a closer friendship, which allowed me to photograph them repeatedly. During these encounters I not only attempted to touch upon the intimate moments between my subjects, yet also, upon the proximity between the subjects an myself.